Support your Friends at AndyMark

Posting this here because it deserves to be seen by as many people as possible.

These are hard times for everybody, including our friends at AndyMark. @Andy_Baker lays out how you can help them in his message below which was emailed out earlier today.

AndyMark has changed FIRST, and changed the lives of an uncountable number of students. Let’s be there to support them now so they will be around to support us in the future.


May I offer a suggestion? Andymark Parts Club.

A surprise box of parts gets the creative juices flowing.

If you don’t want to buy robot parts for the sake of buying robot parts, Andymark also has a decent amount of merchandise available. Looks like goats are even back in stock for those that missed them in 2015 or after the Jerma stream!


Thank you, Ryan, Richard, and Bobby. You are very kind. I appreciate your support and so does the AndyMark team.

We are working on some surveys for y’all to help us with. We’re waiting a few days before we send out our request to complete them, as teams are still digesting the news of replaying Infinite Recharge.

My letter went out last evening, and we’ve already gotten many encouraging responses from the FIRST community. Thank you!

I will use this thread to post updates on how we are doing during the next few weeks. If you have an feedback, ideas, or critique for me or AndyMark during this time, you can use this thread, send me a PM or an email.

Andy Baker


Andy, can you share any details about the myRIO classroom robot? I’ve been working here to evaluate robotics kits that could be used in a distance-learning situation, and would like to be able to include it in the mix!


Sure! We’re not ready to release this myRIO robot base publicly yet, but here is some general info:

We’ve been working on this myRIO based 2-wheel table top robot for a large university for one of their classes. I think that it can also be used in high schools. It’s almost ready to go to market and will be on our website within a few weeks.

Here are features:

  • mounting for myRIO controller
  • line following sensor
  • servo outputs (3)
  • LED outputs
  • ultrasonic sensor
  • encoders on robust drive motors
  • hard black anodized sheet metal frame
  • interface board (mounted under the sheet metal frame)
  • long lasting Li-ion battery
  • price without myRIO = ~$170

We’re planning to have it on a product web page in 3 weeks or so.

Andy B.


We’ve got money to spend and with a vague idea of the 2021 game, upgrades to make! Hang in there another month or two. Right now we just can’t get the students and the robot together in one place…

All the suppliers in the robotics community are great, with Andymark the FIRST among equals…



Since Its beginning AndyMark has been there to help assist teams and has been an amazing resource and supplier for countless teams including mine. Everything you and Mark have done have benefited the whole community and I’m sure the community can and will come together to help AndyMark get through these difficult times.


I’m very interested in this for my engineering classes, though like everyone else I am unsure what the department budget will look like in the fall. Thanks Andy and good luck to you. I wish I had $ to spend right now

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Will the myRIO be available at a discounted price on AndyMark like the roboRIO is or is that handled through NI?

Edit: Also, will myRIO be the only compatible control system or just the only one supported by the cirriculum?

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Does us ordering from studica or your website have an effect on your revenue? While we generally order from studica, maybe ordering direct from your website will give your business more of the money.

Is myRIO LabView only, or are there Java/C++ options for it as well? I’m wondering how well it would mesh with the RoboRIO environment for teams that use those languages.


Would love to see some instructables-type content put out by Andymark about how customers can use your products towards projects around the house or combatting the COVID-19 pandemic. With folks spending their time at home, plenty are interested in DIY/home-improvement projects, and I’m sure plenty of the AM product line is well-suited to play a major part in those projects!

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+1 - I am trying to get a VMX-pi working right now with WPI-Lib as a Rio substitute, because we work in Java… Running into enough trouble in the process as a mostly-MechE that I’d absolutely try a myRIO, if Java/WPI support is there.

Really tempted to buy a bunch of these


Dare I ask what nefarious purpose you have in mind?

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Wumbo Swerve obviously


Tractionless Ball Drive?

Inevitable comment about the 38713 fuel still in stock
So I assume fuel will still be the go-to packing peanut for AndyMark?

All fuel jokes aside, this does have one lucrative oppurtunity: The GDC has a chance to get better balls for AndyMark to sell out of the instant they come back in stock again.


<thinking, but without practical results so far…>

Would a 1" steel bearing, placed -inside- a 4" wiffle ball, make a good game piece?

Additive manufacturing.

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