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Andy, one more question about the myRIO robot. What are the approximate dimensions or is it configurable, also scaleable?

Thank you for the open letter to the community, it is certainly making me think about how we can help maintain community partners with such a big ‘dip’ year.

Thanks for the support everyone!

They are on the shelf in 200ct boxes and bags of 5 if you want to save the pickers some time counting :rofl:

If you think we havn’t already tried this you underestimate how much we want to get rid of all these balls :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s the NI instructions for C++ on the myRIO.

The issue with getting wpilib running would likely revolve around creating a compatible FPGA image or modifying the HAL to work with the default myRIO image.

Looks like a great Mother’s or Father’s Day present!


Got my first shipment today. Neat mix of stuff.


I really want to order a few things to help, does anyone have any ideas of something cool I could do with AndyMark products at home, like a project or something?

We will be making a purchasing within the next few days - this will be coming not from our regular account but from our grant accounting.

There’s always the merch section, if you’re stumped.

Even if you don’t enter Fight Night, building a drivetrain out of cardboard is plenty satisfying and would be a nice demo robot; kinda fast, easy to customize, and if someone beats it to smithereens you can make a fresh chassis cheaply.

Cheap recipe:

For more speed, substitute the NeveRest Orbital 20 and PicoBox LEO plate.

Take the churro, cut a slit about 1" into the end, spread it a touch with a screwdriver, push it onto the NeveRest shaft. Secure with a collar clamp. Boom, 1/2" hex.


Thanks, that sounds really fun!

If you have a 3D printer you can easily make some accessories such as a filament roller/holder with bearings.

I plan on buying some stuff from AM and the Thriftybot in the coming weeks for a few house related projects and 3D printing projects. If possible, might set up some cool lights with a Rev blinkin driver, but I already have one of those at home.

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We say this a lot, but everyone in the office swears by the orange hex set!

In my opinion, when you pair that with a leatherman multi-tool you’re set for almost any assembly project (short of anything calling for rivets)

Andymark Pocket Riveter?


It better be named the Rosie Riveter and match the paint scheme of the redlines… I’m just sayin’.


Get 1481 to beta test.

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This is probably a stretch and not how things work, but have you thought about getting someone/a company to melt those down and mold them into 2lb boxes that can slide into 2x1 and possibly figuring out mounting for inside the tube, be it with screws, bolts,etc? This would allow teams to easily add ballast to their WCD and remove it/add it at ease.

They’d probably lose a bit at best doing that, might as well sell for scrap cost at that point.

If y’all just went with 1-1/16" it would have been EZ money to chuck them in a polishing tumbler and dump them as pinball machine balls.


We got our first box today. The orange hex set is very nice, but the fancy wire stripper is exciting. The kids have been wanting one.

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Super excited to have an extremely rare wrench size. None of my other sets include 7/34"!



Yes, this is a very uniquely-sized hex key. I’m glad you found this Easter egg!

At 7/34", it can handle a 7/32" hex hole, if you add a little plastic from a clear poly bag around the hex. Also, if you file just a bit off of the sides, you can put this into a 5mm hex for a tight fit. Voila!

It’s also a new-member orientation tool for robotics teams. Hand them this tool and ask “which one of these is not like the others?

This 7/34" allen key is only available for a limited time, and may even be removed from our product’s description today.

(Thanks, Richard, for catching this error! I think it’s supposed to be 7/64". We are editing this goof now.)

Andy B.