Supported OS for 2015 Driver Station?

Which OS versions (of Windows) are likely to be supported for the 2015 Driver Station? I see that one of the Beta teams (Team 868) mentioned that you should use “Windows 7 or 8” for setup, but I’m not sure whether that is a DS requirement (or just a recommendation).

Motivation: our Driver Station laptops have Windows Vista installed, because that’s the way they came when they were donated to us. Most of our team’s programming is done on personal Macs (in Java). So, the question is: do we want to upgrade our Driver Station laptops to Windows 7 or 8 this fall, or do we need to upgrade?


XP is no longer supported for the driver station. So Vista would not be either. Doesn’t mean it won’t run. Just you won’t get any OS support & if it stops working for some reason they may or may not fix it.

If there is a BETA team close to you, you might see if you could loan them a computer to test the current Beta DS to see if it works. They would have to remove the DS before giving you the computer back though.

The difference? Vista is not supported, but XP will definitely not work.

In order to add support for Xbox controllers, we need to link to drivers that don’t support XP. It was decided that it wasn’t worth the effort to dynamically deal with Xbox support.

Vista is expected to work, but isn’t part of the test matrix. XP was not tested and will not work.

Greg McKaskle