Supporting Chief Delphi

I thought that I would bring this up now as the season has ended and we are preparing for vacations and summer jobs. Chief Delphi is supported by corporate sponsors AND individuals. I doesn’t cost much but all contributions are welcome. As many will be getting summer jobs, think about how much CD has meant to you and your team. Save just a bit each pay day and you will find that it adds up quickly. I am encouraged by the number of individuals who do donate but compared to the number of users it is really low.

See what you can do, every little bit helps. :slight_smile:

This site certainly has done a lot for me. $15 sent.

Perhaps the paid members should get a special designation next to their username, to help attract more paid members. They do this on other forums.

How do you donate?

Click on “quick links” in the top menu bar, and follow the link at the bottom to “supporters”. The link to donate is at the upper right of that page.

FWIW, worth the small money to not have ads at the top of the page.

Is a paid sponsor

I’d also like to point out the $5 for six months option. Over the course of two years, CD gets an extra $5, which I’m sure helps. The amount of help I get from CD is totally worth the extra five bucks.

To whom at CD would I make a proposal about creating an incentive to donate?

Send me a message.

[email protected]

Put in for two years. Well worth it for a community like this.

I’m glad these reminder threads come up every once in awhile. So glad I re-upped for two years.

Here is a quick link to help other potential supporters find the page to donate:

Numbers are climbing. Keep up the good work and tell others.

This post is almost a year old…something must have changed? When I click the link, this is what I see.

I have some playpal funds, I was going to give some to CD

Yeah, that was switched off in anticipation of a site upgrade. There’s a thread somewhere on this (that it was switched off). Just waiting on Brandon.

Something reminded me to check on my forum subscription, which lead me here.

When will the functionality be re-implemented so I can donate again? :smiley:



I have a full time job now, since graduating. Willing to donate once it is available.

And if you are using chrome like me remember to disable Adblock on this site, I can imagine some of the site’s revenue comes from the first companies ads on the top of the main page and not blocking them probably helps.


It’s hard to vote with my dollar when the polls aren’t open.

And for the record, I don’t need the “perk” of removing ads. I’d be fine with just donating money.

Agreed. I spend so much time on here, it seems a shame I can’t help with the funding.

Chief Delphi has ads? I’ve never noticed