surefire ways to break you robot

These are 5 ways that your robot will break during a compition. These action can only be done by a member of the pit crew who has extensive knowlegde of every system, and how to fix everyone.

Put all the tools, parts, and electric tape away.

Walk to the snack bar and spend more then $5, you will be intercepted on your way back to pits by 2 or more team members looking for you. After fix is done, your food will be missing.

Fall asleep.

Connect to a wireless network, not to do research for robotics but to have fun.

Try to watch more then 4 matches in row.

Got anymore, this always broke the robot for me :slight_smile:

Mention how great the robot is running

Just say this:

“Hey, the code’s done! Let’s test it!”

[My apologies to all you software wizards that are given almost all of Thursday afternoon to get hybrid-mode “done”.]:wink:

Presence of parents, school administrators, or prospective sponsors.
Videotape a match.
Look across the field to see 1024, 111, and 1114 on the other alliance. Your robot may not break, but your drivers will.

What if the people that were facing them were
217, 469, 148?

Set ur autonomous mode to try to hurdle itself over the bar?

Clothesline the overpass at high speed.

Make metal shavings over the electronics and forgetting to clean them out.

Sprinkle cheddar cheese liberally over your controller board, bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. :yikes:

Best surefire ways to break our '08 bot:

Try to actually engineer pieces of the bot like motors to handle a pre-conceived load without burning out

Claim we actually have an idea of what we’re doing

Claim that even though it’s the first time we’ve ever done most of the things we’re doing on the bot, they will all work together ok

advance to the semi-finals

Step 1: Retrieve our various PVC pipes strewn about the field on Thursday at Chesapeake.

Step 2: Instruct a student to take the drill and screw together the fittings and pipes.

Step 3: Queue up for our next practice round.

(With the relative youth of our team, the kids missed a spot or three each go-round until that night, where there were about five screws in every joint.)

With 5 seconds left, pull off something that takes 9 seconds to do.

tell the drivers " hey lets try something different this round"

why not just touch your ground battery lead to your hot battery lead? that always makes sparks. Sparks=break

well for all of 1902s bots all you have to do is let scott or chuck(two of our old drivers) drive it and…well this happens.

bottom out your suspension going full speed down the track and run into one of the “feet” supporting the lane divider.

I successfully did this and completely destroyed one of our suspension assemblies.

Let a NOOB drive it

Release the magic smoke that makes all FIRST robots run. This is usually followed by people quickly turning their heads in the direction of the person saying “who let out their magic smoke” and people yelling “turn the robot off!”

Silly magic smoke!

Silly magic smoke, CIM’s are for the Kit of parts.

That was almost as bad as my recipe for “RC nachos”.