Surgical Tubing

Some mentors on our team were wondering if…

A: A team (or teams) wanted to donate the tubing that came in the KOP to us


B: Knew a manufacterer that we could get it from

Thanks! :smiley:

McMaster black surgical tubing. Part # 5234K292. I think the tan is too common. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can also search surgical tubing on McMaster to get different diameters and thicknesses to meet your needs. The stuff in the KoP is really a sample size. You can buy much larger amounts in varying sizes from McMaster and many other suppliers. Try google searching surgical tubing as well. There should be plenty of places to get it.

The black looks cool but (imho) the natural is better. I speak from experience. The properties of the black are not the same and the tan - it doesn’t stretch as far before breaking, it takes a set easier and the tan ages better (which is not to say that the tan ages well – it doesn’t – but that the black ages much much worse).

It is possible that I just got a bad batch of black, but I am not going to risk it.

My advice: stick with the tan.

Joe J.

148 uses nothing but black. We chose it based 100% on cosmetics, but don’t have any complaints about performance.

Home Depot sells the 3/8" OD tubing in the natural color. It is hard to find though, always seems to be on the bottom of a shelf sort of hidden away. But its there.

(unless you’re 148, then you’ll have to special order :))


We order from McMaster-Carr. I think McMaster can ship it to me faster than I can get to Home Depot. :wink:

Additionally, most medical supply stores carry surgical tubing (it’s actually the stuff they tie around your arm when they draw blood). A search on google maps should yield a store near you.

thank you everybody for your help! :smiley:

That’s what I was going to say. Always a reliable source there with McMaster.

I think that the nearest Home Depot is a little far away from us! :rolleyes: At least we still have medical stores…

Would national healthcare get you guys free surgical tubing? :rolleyes:

hmmm, I will have to ask Kevin Rudd (the Prime Minister) about that…:wink: