Surgical Tubing

Is there a LIMIT on the amount of surgical tubing we can use if we are using it as a spring? Joe. J., you said “No for now…”. I could not understand exactly what you meant, because beneath that you said “Sorry”. Please specify if there is a limit or not.

I believe the rules indicate that there is a 3 foot limit (someone told me that yesterday at work, but I can’t remember whom) What Joe was asking you to do was to offer him an argument that justifies or rationalizes the need for additional tubing based on the use as a spring. Explain to him, why you think that it should be allowed. (and make it something substantially greater than “because we need to have more”). The “springs” refered to in the additional hardware list meant traditional wound metal springs. Many things can be utilized as providing spring force (surgical tubing for one), but it is NOT a spring - per our definition its an elastic tube that could be used for many other things as well. (used to increase friction on a gripping device for example)