Surprise Splash

Evidently Wikipedia believes it to be the year of the water game…
I found this totally on accident; I am not responsible for the change to the FRC page.


IP traces to Minneapolis. Manchester thought they could be clever and run the changes through a proxy in Minneapolis, but don’t let them get away with it!

The GDC.

Somebody in Belleville, IL thought they’d be even more clever.

And now someone in Toronto is actually making Wikipedia topical for once!

A little digging may imply the change is someone from Patrick Henry High School which has an FRC team 2500.

And so it begins…

And then someone changed it to a corndog theme.

Some of the IP addresses trace to Morrisville, PA, Duxbury, MA, La Palma, CA (tied to Boeing), and Kokomo, IN.

Apparently by using my phone to change the page it didn’t know where I was.

I was always in Chicago.

Hhm, I might trust that one. AndyMark is likely in on the game :smiley:

This hasn’t stopped. There’s even a page for the game.

EDIT: I fixed the list on Wikipedia, because I’m no fun.

EDIT 2: I see that that page has been redirected to the FRC page.

What about
2015: Corndog Countdown

I usually don’t laugh at Wikipedia vandalism, but I’ll admit that this was worth a chuckle.

We are all smart and should use our best judgement to promote FIRST and maintain its integrity. Posting or pranking FIRST on social media does not represent us in the best way. With everything going on with the “leak”, its not a good feeling!

Honestly, the only people who would care about it’s correctness is FIRST members, and all we’re doing is having a good laugh at it. I agree that it should be changed once the game is announced and everything should be set straight, but the night before kickoff I think it’s a worthwhile chuckle.

Here’s my beef with it: I like Wikipedia. A lot, actually. I think it it’s an incredible tool for organizing the very widely-dispersed knowledge on the internet in one comprehensive place, provided it’s all cited properly. With that great power, however, comes great responsibility for its editors, of whom I am occasionally one. I don’t like when people bag on the site because “it’s just Wikipedia” and “anyone can go write whatever they want” (fair enough; you don’t even need an account to edit pages!), but when we do things like creating pages for fake games, it really gives those detractors some claim to stake about Wikipedia’s flaws. In addition to that, the editors of Wikipedia have a pretty amazing community and do a tremendous amount of work (look under the hood and you can see some of it). We, as the upstanding members of society that FIRSTers generally are, shouldn’t add to their workload pointlessly. You wouldn’t spam CD, don’t spam Wikipedia.

+1. As someone who has been a pretty active Wikipedia editor (I’ve started about 96 articles, and gotten 73 articles on the main page through the Did You Know? section), I’m sensitive to people misusing Wikipedia for pranks and feel like I have to put out a small fire every year leading up to kickoff. Wikipedia isn’t a playground, and actually tries to be a comprehensive, reliable repository of encyclopedic knowledge. Also, Wikipedia editing is one of my hobbies; but I don’t trash other people’s hobbies for fun. /rant

I agree completely. TBH I didn’t even know the page existed, so what harm is there in changing something the night before kick-off? We all know it’s going to get changed back. Just have a bit of a chuckle and go to sleep for tomorrow :smiley:

The issue is that every action taken by one member of this community reflects back to the rest of us.

Has your coach/mentor/teacher ever told you that you are always representing your team? That you are always wearing your team shirt even when you aren’t? People (and organizations) will associate your actions with any group that you are a part of.

Changing Wikipedia with false information is an abuse of the freedom that they allow to their users. It will reflect back on the entire FIRST community. We are trying to set a bar that students can be intelligent and responsible, people should respect the intentions of the websites they are accessing and remember that they can make the first impression of FIRST for someone.