Survey - CAN wiring

Hi, I have a question for all teams:

How do you wire the can bus?

  1. Cable soldering
  2. If connectors-which ones?


I don’t want to be dismissive, but the “how to wire can bus, and what connectors to use” question cones up almost monthly on CD. You might start with a search of previous posts on the subject.


2, we use the wago 221s, before we used JSTs but they kept failing

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We’ve been using these wire lever nuts from WCP for the last couple of years. They are extremely reliable and secure and make working with the CAN bus easy and quick, even when we have to change out components during rapid repairs.

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We perfer connectors on our CAN line because if you need to trouble shoot problems with the CAN its much easier to just unplug connectors that it is to undo a solder joint


We use Picabond connectors for our CAN connections

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This year, we are using Molex SL connectors. We switched to these because we find it easier to verify that they are assembled correctly and wanted a connector with terminal position assurance (TPA).


We’re also going to use Molex SL connectors this year. We settled on them as they’re compatible with 0.1 inch pitch connectors that come preinstalled on a lot of cabling, but they can also lock together

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We use connectors like these I hope this helps

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We use inline 221 wagos for CAN and I find they work really well

Usually we’ve used the connecters but lately we ran out so we had to solder them. In my opinion you’re better off using connectors since they are more reliable than solders.

Wago 221 lever connectors, we have used now for a couple of years. Found then to be much more reliable than previous attempts using (molex, ctre boards, power pole, soldering) Also has been the quickest for us to add in new components or replace existing components. We also switched to a bus over daisy chaining for the same reasons.

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