Some alumni would like to see what you guys think about some things. If you would answer them that would be awesome :slight_smile:

LINK Here:

Clicking on an anonymized link from an anonymous user (whose user name has dubious capitalization) with one post is not good net hygiene.


His previous thread was deleted. It had the same link in it.

Seems the lesson wasn’t learned before.

Has anyone been brave enough to take the plunge yet?

Clicked on it, seemed like a normal survey from survey monkey, maybe my add blocker helped though…

I did. It looks normal. It is a survey monkey survey. Click at your own risk

On a hotel computer, so viruses aren’t my problem… (does that make me a bad person? Probably) Just a normal SurveyMonkey link. Hotel computer didn’t have AdBlock either. Security certificate is valid, correct URL, etc. Why (s)he bothered anonymizing I don’t know, but it seems pretty legit.

The question is, what is the poster’s purpose for collecting this data?

I think it’s pretty clear they want to start some sort of social network thing.

What I’m wondering is why? Didn’t the people behind ‘YopYip’ already try to do that?

Yes. I don’t think it’s a good idea, CD is already awesome for communications/networking. What makes a social network great isn’t how it’s laid out, or what buttons it has, but what people actually use the site.

Completely agree. I don’t want to see FRC be bogged down by a multitude of websites that all effectively do the same thing. What else do we need besides for what’s already on CD?

To be honest, I don’t think it’s a bad idea. I’ve had some trouble connecting with people I’ve met at events; a social network like Facebook for FIRST (FIRSTbook? Facebots? FIRSTbots?), perhaps with a “search for members by team number” function, could be really cool. And I realize that CD has a team number search, but it’s less a social network and more a forum.

Facebook for FIRST already exists. It’s called Facebook :slight_smile:

And Facebook Groups.

Calm down everyone…lol We are seriously just a group of Alumni from teams that want to try to make FIRST better in some way. We wanted to get some feedback, there is nothing wrong with that.

I think it is funny how some people think it is spam because of course, CD gets a lot of spam already…:wink:

It’s also quite intimidating for a lot of students. The large amount of knowledge and large amount of technical discussions can frighten off otherwise invested students. I keep on trying to tell my teammates that we don’t bite on Chief…

Dean’s Homework. Between that, CD, and social media, enough is enough.


Thanks so much. That’s an awesome site I hope starts to take off.