Survey For FRC Coaches

Hello, my name is Alayna Robinson and I am a senior at Lakeview High School of Battle Creek, Michigan. I am involved in DECA, my school’s business club that focuses on the improvement of interview skills and career opportunities. I am also a member of FRC 4327. I have made a survey based on my DECA project for this year, and because I love robotics, I chose to do it based off of AndyMark. If you have a moment, it would be really awesome if you could take it.

Thank you for your time.
Alayna Robinson


Howdy! Filled it out.

If you are able, you may wish to re-word this question - I read it as “can you draw every single logo you have ever seen”, not “can you draw at least one logo you have seen”.

I am also very glad that “what draws you to an advertisement” allows me not select anything.

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