Survey Questions from Chief Delphi

(I’m letting Chief Delphi students using my login to post these question up … please answer, if you could)

1) What do you think is the most important aspect of the game this year?

2) What is the most difficult aspect of the game this year?

3) How do you feel about the balls returning this year instead of the boxes?
  1. Probably the most important aspect of this year’s game is being able to get balls to your human efficiently and reliably.

  2. The hardestaspect of the game is going to be completeing number 1. There will be bots block, ballerina bots on top of balls and a htousand other unknown factors affecting your ability to get those balls where they need to be.

  3. Personally I hated the boxes. They took up too much space, they made the human player completely unimportant and they messed with the structural integrity of our design! (LoL, no smart remarks please :slight_smile: ).

  1. The 5 point balls are not only the largest supply of points, but the simplest to retrieve, so they will be most important.

  2. The 2x multiplier balls are much harder to grab then the small balls or the bar, and then you have to get them on top of one of your goals. Definetly the hardest.

  3. I HATED the balls two years ago…until Stack Attack. Balls are 36,000,000,000 times better.

  1. The most important aspect of this years game would be the 2X multiplier balls.
  2. The most difficult part of this game is so fully control the 2X multiplier balls at once, IE manipulate 2 balls or secure them into a goal when you don’t want them moved.
  3. Greatly pleased to see the balls back instead of bins. Uniform game objects are just in general much nicer to design for.
  1. Most Important Aspect = diversity of the game; so many tasks, so many possibilities.

  2. I think hanging is the hardest. 9-10 ft is a long way up, especially when two other robots won’t want to let you complete the task.

  3. I like the balls better, but I must say bins were a unique challenge.

  1. having a human player able to throw the balls in the goals
    (yes, i think its more important than having the robot get the balls to the human player)

  2. i must say the hanging

  3. i have to say that i liked the boxes much better … but then again i wasnt on a team in 2002 … so i don’t know how valid this is …

  1. The most important aspect of the game is the ability to herd balls.

  2. The most difficult aspect of the game is to efficiently and reliably collect the 2x ball and put it in your own goal or to remove it from an opponent’s goal.

  3. I liked the bins better. Because they were a unique challenge, it made it all the better. Then again, we were one of the few stacking teams around so I’m a bit biased there.

  1. The most important aspect of the game is the ability to effectively herd balls to the human player, and for the human player to be able to shoot them into the goals.

  2. The most difficult aspect of the game is to hang on the bar.

  3. I definitely like the balls better than the bins!!

1.The cash money of any of these game has been the ability to dominate one area and dabble in another. So I would say, (since every one can do the red balls) if their robot moves that would be your dabble. Pick your specialty from there. Personally the 2x balls “look” more appealing.

2.The bar.

3.Bins are prettier when they break!

  1. I have official rights to say “I told you so” to my team when great ball collecting pwns robots that spent time on manipulating the 2x balls, especially since there’s a nice exploit in the goaltending rule where lobbing balls at the 2x ball when an opposing bot is capping your goal should get you double points for each ball…

  2. Really good ball collecting - I’m talking going to the other side, taking their small balls, and coming back and grabbing yours too.

  3. N/A - first year

  1. I agree that without small balls you have a top score of 100 points. So herding is important

  2. 2X ball capture and placement

  3. As long as its different every year i don’t really care. Bins were not as fun as we had hoped though.

  1. Hearding the balls and getting them to the human player, is certainly the most important. I personally also think the 2x ball is key, but unless you have the 5-point balls in the goals, the 2x ball is worthless by itself.

  2. Hmm… Hanging on the bar is not going to be easy. Not for the fact, that the pole is 10ft high (most of us can get past that), but because there will be blocking strategies, and moreover, if a robot is planning to hang on the bar, it certainly would want to devote the last 40 secs of the game so that it can successfully hang, which in my opinion, is a lot of time.

  3. I liked the bins better. Reason- They were easier to control, to push atleast. The balls this year are so bouncy. A slight hit, and they go rolling away, which is an advantage when they are rolling in the direction of the chute, but when they are not… :rolleyes:

1)Herding balls is important but anyone can do it. Whoever can master the 2x balls will rule this game.

  1. Standing up to the physical challenges of this game. By making the 10 foot bar and the 2X ball part of this game FIRST has made us build spread out, high COG robots, Keeping upright and staying out of your pit, ie twisted aluminum, will be a challenge for many.

3)Boxes, the 2x balls are nice though, I can use them for pilates. Last year was my first year so the physics of the balls is new to me. I don’t like the rubber balls against the carpet, at least the boxes would slide…eek, watch out for a lot of popped balls. Shatter boxes will slide but busted balls won’t roll.

  1. getting the small balls to the human players

  2. avoiding damage while battling to get onto the platform underneath the bar

  3. The boxes were a nice change of pace, but give me balls any day. They were too hard to handle and broke too easily. At nationals we slammed one into the edge of the polycarb during our autonomous modand sliced it in half.

  1. Hanging on the bar …why else would the game be called FIRST Frenzy: Hanging the bar? :yikes: SmiLeZ but also i think it´s about having a strong bond between the robot and the human player(s) :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. Difficult? It would have to hanging on the bar. We´re talking 10 feet here ppl… :ahh: I myself can´t reach it…not that i have A.I. or anything <u know> :rolleyes:

  3. I can´t say from experience, as our team is rookie, but I think balls are definitely better because their format is so much easier to work with (can bins be deflated? :confused: ) & they´re so much funner °ºO BaLLz aLL dA WaY!

  1. What do you think is the most important aspect of the game this year?
    -the 5 point balls.

  2. What is the most difficult aspect of the game this year?
    -keeping your doubler.

  3. How do you feel about the balls returning this year instead of the boxes?
    -I’m a rookie so I like the balls better. :slight_smile: