Survey! Team Demographics

Hello! Recently this thread has popped up, discussing the demographics of teams and team leadership, especially with regards to females.

After reading through that thread, I created this survey to gather some data on the subject!

I highly encourage as many teams as possible to fill this out.

Don’t worry about duplicating if someone else on your team has already filled it out, I will make sure to check for and eliminate duplicate results! Also, if you want to complete the survey for multiple seasons, you are welcome to! Each completion of the survey should be for 1 year at a time.

If you have any questions/comments/survey improvements, feel free to use this thread!

I assume this is looking for specifically information regarding students and not including Mentors?

Please post the results after the survey is completed. (dont have to include team numbers if you dont want to)

Yes. The original thread/questions were about students, so this survey is as well. People have also inquired into mentor demographics, so information on those could be collected at a later date.

Yup! That’s the plan. I’m going to keep the survey open for another week or so before publishing anything though, to maximize the number of responses.