This is a survey I have made for a class project. I would love it it you could complete it, I’m not looking for any answers in particular, but just to see what the general response is. I am aware it does have some politics involved, this is not intended to start a political discussion, nor should it. Please refrain from discussing answers here, as it may effect what someone else says. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. Thank you so much, I really appreciate people taking the time to do this!

I’ll put it in here

Yes the questions are bias, I can’t help that as it was a scripted list for my class. That is something other people have noted on, yet the answers still seem to differ. I do apologize for it being political, and on cd. However this has been mentioned in the previous post. and sadly is the list I was give.

I did see more answers referencing that these questions were slanted and leading, yes sadly they were. This was the list I needed to ask for my class, so sadly I do need to use them. I have changed it so name and email aren’t required.

Thank you so much!

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