So how do you like it.
I think it has lots of personality and more colors.
Yes, more colors.
Unlike Australia and Africa, it features more blues than brown…

Plus, who’s going to win?
My bets on Peter…
<<Check’s results of TC>>
No, no wait…
My guess is that one guy who formed that bond with that lady and wants to make the raft into a hot tub.

I deff like this survivor the best.I think that Hunter will proly win.

There are a couple of nice looking girls on there too. Sarah’s HOT!!!

Am I really missing something? I didn’t catch any of the African one, and only bits and pieces of the Outback. Did watch a fair bit of the first one though…
I see it as a great source of doctoral theises for shrinks and socialologists and the like.

I don’t like Sarah. I want Gabrial to win.