Sushi Squad wants your help! (looking for in person/remote mentors) (all expertises appreciated!)

Moving to the Seattle area (we work in Bellevue, Washington) and need to fill your FRC urge? Do you want to teach students and create an impact in a playful but competitive team with awesome merch and an excellent facility?
FRC Team 7461 Sushi Squad is looking for mentors!

What kind of mentors?

Experience of all kinds is welcomed, and even things like marketing and sales are areas we want to explore. If you want to join a program that wants to grow and do great stuff, 7461 is the place to be.

Are you looking to join? Send an email to [email protected], and if you have any questions, ask them in this thread or send me a DM on Chief Delphi.

Want more info? Check out our shop, graphic design initiatives, open alliance build thread (a peek into our shop!), and our teen makerspace we recently opened for a glimpse into our culture.

Also looking for remote Design (Onshape) and graphic design mentors (Figma)

We are looking forward to working with you!

Currently, we meet
3:30-7 Tuesday/Thursdays
10-3 Saturdays

Design initiative:
2022 Open Alliance Build thread:
FRC 7461 Sushi Squad 2022 Build Thread
Redmond STEM Center:
Sushi Shop (new merch!)


HUGE vouch for these guys – I help out from time to time, and the kids currently on the team are all absolutely amazing – incredibly driven and hardworking, with the ability to pick up skills really quickly. The mentors are also all really cool folks. Highly recommend mentoring them, awesome program + people.


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