The Rules is that you have to have contact with another robot. now it did not say you had to be elevated. so does that mean you can have a robot touching another robot, that is elevated? and you will still get 3 points?

ELEVATED: A ROBOT that is completely above the plane of the PLATFORM and in contact with the TOWER shall be considered ELEVATED.

SUSPENDED: A ROBOT only in contact with an ELEVATED ROBOT and/or a SUSPENDED ROBOT shall be considered SUSPENDED.

<G04> Scoring - b. Each ELEVATED ROBOT is awarded 2 points, or each SUSPENDED ROBOT is awarded 3 points.

To get the three points you would have to be off the ground and only in contact with a robot. It would seem, however, that you could be below the plane of the platform, and thus not ELEVATED, and still be suspended, as long as your only contact was with the robot you’re hanging off of.

The rules say you must be above the plane of the platform. So unless you can float, touching them while sitting on the ground won’t count.

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But the Rules did not say that you had to be off the ground. all it said was “contact” and that means touching. it said they had to be contacting (Touching) another robot. it did not say that you had to be elevated.:confused:

the rules do say you cant touch anything else, so you cant touch the ground

The rules are clear. You do not have to be above the plane of the platform to be suspended. You also have to be off the ground. It says only in contact with, and does not list the ground, so if you are touching the ground, and an elevated robot, you are not only touching an elevated robot.

On the flipside. Do not under any circumstances touch an allied suspended robot while on the ground (or not elevated) at the ned.

kirtar, There are a few 'not’s in your statement that confuse me. Can you say it again differently? I’m re-reading the rules myself, but want to make sure I understand.


Edit: I re-read the rules and your post and they make sense.

A robot hanging from the tower above the platform level is elevated.

a robot that is only touching an elevated or suspended robot and nothing else is suspended.

if you aren’t going to be elevated or suspended, get away from the tower.

Sorry about that.

To be elevated you must be touching your alliance’s tower and be above the plane of the platform. No other restrictions on what you can touch.

To be suspended, the only things that you can touch are another suspended robot or an elevated robot. You can be at any elevation given that you are not touching the ground or any non-elevated/non-suspended robot.

But it say you have to be ONLY in contact with a ELEVATED ROBOT and/or SUSPENDED

What about this scenario:

One robot A is ELEVATED. A second robot B gets SUSPENDED from A. A third robot C attempts to get SUSPENDED from A (or B), but ends up partially hanging from the robot and also still touching the floor and also touching the first SUSPENDED robot B. Is B still SUSPENDED, now that it is touching a robot that is touching the floor ?

There is no point! because the rule says clearly that to be considered SUSPENDED, the robot can only touch a robot ELEVED and / or SUSPENDED :wink:

I would say no, since it’s not only touching another elevated or suspended robot.

That feels like an unintended consequence of the rules. Attempting to get additional hanging points results in reducing hanging points when those hanging did not ‘lose their grip’ I suspect this scenario is likely to occur at least once or twice in a tournament.

I believe in the given scenario only the elevated robot would score its 2 points, while the others would be touching something other than an elevated robot and would score nothing. However if the pile of robots shifted such that robot B contacted the tower and was held above 20" while robot A remained ELEVATED, the alliance would receive 4 points since robot B would still be considered elevated (above the plane of the platform and contacting the tower). C would still receive 0 of course.

This also brings up another potentially strategy: team A could build a ramp bot with a ramp/platform above 20". If they positioned themselves near the tower, teams B and C could drive on top of them and touch the tower with their robots. Both teams B and C would then be considered elevated and receive a 4 point bonus.

Another idea is that a team could find a way to be on the platform then drape the poles with a cloth. Then any robot that hangs from the pole would only be touching the cloth and thus considered suspended. FIRST classically though does not like it when you use unintended loopholes though and will likely redefine suspension later in the season. I am reminded team 190 during Overdrive, they were able to complete legal hurdles without ever moving their robot. FIRST, as I recall, later deemed this strategy illegal.

Above the platform surface, touching the tower… Does that mean a robot can get on top of the underpass, and touch one of the side poles and that counts as a bonus? (No suspension)

Following the current definition of ELEVATED, a robot that sits on top of the platform and touches part of the tower will get a bonus. This will probably be one of the first and most significant Q&A questions when they can be asked though.

So I see that you can just drive up onto the platform and deploy a ramp that lets another robot up onto you and if they aren’t touching anything else they are suspended and you get 5 points total.

Why would you have to touch a side pole? In the definition of the TOWER, the PLATFORM is listed as part of it. Thus, if you’re sitting completely on the PLATFORM, you are ELEVATED.

It did not say that you can’t touch anything besides the elevated robot. all it said is you have to be touching the other robot.