Sussex, WI mini regional

I was just wondering who are going to the mini regional at Sussex high school in Sussex WI.

:slight_smile: We’ll be there, finished or just about finished.

we be there

We will be there. Hopefully we will get it finished before we arrive. The last few snow days really set us back.

Our team will be there, assuming we get the robot done… Like the person above said… the snowdays set us back too.

269 and I will be there. 171 is staying back to work on autonomous.

I’ll be there, trust me this will be a test run for me too ;).

well that didn’t happen… that storm that turned roads into ice just pretty much ruined that… We went to Waukesha’s team, C.O.R.E, high school and just drove around the track…figuring out what each team can and can’t do…

We found out…our battery needs a new holder lol but we had a good time… got to tune our hybrid modes on an actual track instead of the concrete floor of our shop so that benifited us.

But yea we had a good time with just the two teams

Unfortantely, the event didn’t happen due to the weather. We are hoping to make this into a post season event now. We are working with the school to pick dates in May, possibly the 17th or 18th. If it doesn’t happen then there is always Summerfest. Stay tuned for more details.