Sustainability, Grants, Finding build space - Call for help

Curious to hear more about the specifics after it all settles but it sounds like pending the board approval you’ll get your equipment and parts back and still get the lab space for one more season while you are working on finding new space. I’m assuming regardless of the decision on the team equipment you’ll be able to get personal items back.

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Yes, and after the public comments portion of the June board meeting, they expressed they were extremely interested in the program continuing, so there is little reason they would not approve the donation to the team.

As it stands, we continue on a 12mo lease of our build space, get ALL of our assets back (including mills, lathe, etc.) which will be donated to the 501(c)(3), thus irrevocable. We have been freed of the fiscal red tape that comes along with having to send everything through a PO process, and free of the control of the district that tries to decide how we spend our funds and how we treat our team members.


Thats amazing man! Glad to hear it all worked out, if you still want/need help looking for grants let me know, I can set up a zoom meeting.

Indeed, still dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, but I will follow-up with you. We did lose a significant general fund line item in the process, which we will need to replace to keep things in the black.


Just a reminder, we’re here when you’re ready.


Hello, @mgstrick I’m with the MinuteBots out of St Paul Minnesota. I’d be very interested in talking with you in depth about your use of for CRM. My team is starting to implement such a system and it’s quite a learning curve. Would you be open to a discussion? --Denise