SVN wind river

Is there a way to use subversion with wind river. I would like to be able to modify the source at home. I have a linux server that uses svn over ssh

EDIT: I want to submit to svn over a network

I’m not to sure about hwo subversions work, but there was a section in the documentation about them. You could start looking there.

We’ve gotten an svn server working here. In the software update section, I have a site called

installed everything bu integrations (doesn’t like this for some reason) - and it worked fine.

Subversion servers are pretty easy to set up. You just need:

  1. Subversion itself, from the Tigris sourceforge site.
  2. Apache (other servers can work too, but Apache is the standard). You can get this for either Windows or Linux (or Mac).
  3. On Windows, a GUI frontend like TortoiseSVN is nice.

When you get the subversion package from SourceForge, it comes with a nice readme on how to set it up.