SW Themed Group names for IR@home /GameDesign Challenge/InnovChallenge

What group names are going to be assigned for IR@home/GDC/InnovChallenge? Could they be StarWars themed?
Wouldn’t it be fun to be in a group named after a star wars character/planet/ship?
I am not sure what naming convention is going to be used, but a SW theme might be more innovative than group A4,B6, etc.

Are you on the dark side or do you see the light?
Count Dooku Group or Obi Wan group… who will prevail?

Quick maths: ~3000 teams, ~300 teams per group. That’s 100 groups. Sounds fun, but I’m thinking it’s a stretch. Plus, I’m sure you know how The Mouse is with its intellectual property…


Hundreds of fun Disney names… like Group C7-D2 and Group P7-D2


I cam here expecting to name the challenges… would have been cool if they had named them the Kessel Run or the Bulls Eyeing Womp Rats…


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