Swamp And Spam Get togeather

Im tired of thinking up names for it, last year it was bowling http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=23106&highlight=swamp+spam
but we dont realy bowl, we just hang out and play DDR. So…

Who: swamp, spam, and whoever else likes first people, everybody is invited
What: hanging out with the 2 coolest FRC teams in south florida
When: December 22’nd 2004 5:00PM
Where: Cheeseburgar and More
Phone: (561) 575-9490
Why: See What^
how: foot on the floor… step on the gas… lean back… and watch 180 pass… Boom sa la la la la Boom, Sha Bang Bang.

OOO… i get the first call… TYTY… am i coming? :slight_smile:

Edit- OOO… Final call… me and peter are coming (Not coming if i am not loved by Spam and Swampthing)

of course you’re coming Ary Fairy

w00t w00t DDR-a-thon!, gotta get back in shape :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

tytus–as usual i can’t go–why oh why are these events planned when i’m busy–all well have fun buddy-- enjoy!!

I think FIRSTers are cool, but our family is coming to Columbia the next day.

Plus I don’t really have much in the line of gas money…and there’s the fact that the CR-V is due for an oil change, since I went and put about a thousand miles doing something in October, which makes for enough mileage for me to care that the date is here. Can’t remember what I was doing, though.

YAY!!! more time for fun!have should we give the place fair warning? or is this going to end up like the pizza place? :smiley: green means go!

didnt you come here to get duct taped? this time i can use zip ties… :wink:

LOVE is such a strong word. How about tolerated :smiley:

jk - you know we love you bro

Of course you’re loved Arefin!! I need my special buddy there… however, Tiffany won’t be there… me sad tear

How about we give them a warning this time? :slight_smile:

arefin ur dark tender buttucks is wanted at this ddr-a-thon, happy i posted about me wanting u their :smiley: :smiley:

its too bad i live up here in NH…

Its so much fun to watch a fat person play DDR :wink:

have fun…

specially you ary :wink:

DDR? Without me?

Can I be an honorary invitee? Even though I’ll be happily meandering around Israel all winter break?

Can you guys locate this in Indiana next time :P.

Have fun all who attend this merry frolic.