Swamp Scrimmage Week 0.5 Event

I am pleased to announce our annual scrimmage is once again happening this year.

Saturday, February 25th (Time to be determined)
7071 Garden Road
Riviera Beach, FL 33404

If you received your kit of parts from the Riviera Beach Kickoff it is the same location.

Food and Drinks will be available for sale.

We opted to push the scrimmage back a week from it’s traditional weekend in order to give teams more time to work on their robots and also to maximize the amount of members available to assist at the event.

We have a full size field currently with wooden versions of the full grid, charge station, and substations. The charge station and substations will have polycarb to simulate the surface of the actual field. If enough teams express interest we may be able to build a full wooden field.

Teams in attendance have full access to our great team of mentors, as well as all of the tools and machines available at our shop.

Please RSVP via this thread, DM to myself, emailing our team lead at: [email protected], or if you are a part of our offseason discord posting there. Teams who RSVP are guaranteed a dedicated work area, teams who do not will receive them on a first come first serve basis.

If teams are interested we are also willing to host teams Saturday March 11th as this is the weekend between South Florida and Orlando but we would need to hear from teams to schedule appropriately for this.

Good Luck on the rest of build season


Quick update:

The shop will be open at 11 AM on the 25th, we will be there for as long as teams need us to be.

We will have april tags and retroreflective tape placed accurately throughout our field for teams who want to practice their vision.

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I am pleased to announce that our local Chick Fil A will be attending our scrimmage and will be selling food. A portion of the sales will go to our team so we would appreciate those in attendance to purchase their lunches from them.

We will still be selling baked goods and drinks in addition to the food provided by Chick Fil A.

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it went great!

in case you couldn’t make it

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