Swamp VS. SPAM Bowling Monday Dec 22nd

A second round Of Swamp Vs. SPAM Bowling

who: SwpamThing, SPAM ANd whoever else who wants to drop by

what: Bolwing, Craziness ,and Videogames (Yes, They have DDR)

Juipter Lanes.
350 Maplewood Dr.
Jupiter ,Fl
(off indiantown Rd.)

when: Monday December 22nd @ 12:00 PM

why: its Traditonal and Insanely AwesomE!

An Offical Event Of Florida First
For Mor info Email Me TytusG@coolgoode.com or AIM me

i’m so going to be there this time^^

As I recall, it was held at Jupiter Lanes last time. (in the swamp) It should switch off every year, like the FSU vs UF game or something. The next time you guys have this bowling match, you might think about holding it closer to the SPAM meat factory (the SPAM pit), I might suggest Stuart Lanes. Now I can’t be there, but good luck to both teams. I wastn’t there last time either. Let me know who wins or whatever.

inditoun road is the closest thing to Halfway between jupiter and hobe sound theres nothing but “wilderness”

I’ll be there of course! Not that I’ll be of much help to S.P.A.M. but i do want to go for other reasons… ;)… no of course it isn’t you Mikey

Hm…need to get 108 in on this…how far away would the middle of us be… heh

okay bowling–wonderful–but i can’t be there but that’s okay–i just have to say good luck to both teams-- i’m on spam but you know well i don’t know about our team’s bowling skill

tytus–go have fun bowling!! i can’t bowl so have fun

You all know that I would really like to be there. (sneaking away as to keep from embarrasing his team with his wonderful bowling skills) I just have a…


…doctors appointment…ya…a doctors appointment…thats it!

Well, my family is coming in that day so I can’t anyway.

i will try to be there… let me see if i could get with some team members and somehow get there… thanks tytus… for telling me about it…

Looks like some of ComBBAT will be on our way as well! :slight_smile:

wELL, everything is togeather.
I hoppe your all ready

So what was the outcome of the event? Did you guys have fun?

it was wikid cool but we didnt bowl