Sweet Repeat information

Where is the schedule for the Sweet Repeat contest? I see the flyer at:
but it is VERY vague…

It seems to be a preliminary flyer. It doesn’t have the address of the school nor a map for us out of towners, the full event list, nor the times for the various events.

  • What’s the starting time? Ending time?
  • What’s happening when?
  • How do we get there?
  • Is there a charge for just attendence, or only robot entry?
  • What’s the “Great Food” and “Great Music” going to be?


  • Keith

I can’t answer all your questions, but I can give you an address for the competition (it’s at my school).

Rochester High School
180 S. Livernois
Rochester Hills, MI 48307

Hope that helps some. skrussel can give more detailed info.

The information that I have says the competition will be at Rochester High School 575 Tienken,Rochester. The same place as last year.
Jeff your school is called Rochester Adams High School if I am correct. But correct me if I am wrong.


This is an excerpt from Susan Krussel’s email to our team this morning
" It’s at ROCHESTER H.S. 180 S. Livernois
Rochester Hills, MICH 48307 "

See you all on Saturday!


Does anyone at least know WHEN on Saturday things will START? Since I’m coming from out of town, I’d like to know when to be there!!! :smiley:

(6 AM, Noon, etc…) :wink:

How about an estimated ending time?

  • Keith