Sweet Repeat VI -- October 8

Team Ford First
Presents: Sweet Repeat VI

When: October 8, 2005
Pits Open at 7:00 AM


Macomb County Community College
South Campus
14500 E. 12 Mile Road
Warren, MI 48088

Registration Fee: $250

Register at: www.teamFordFIRST.org/2006_Season/Events

To anyone who may want to Referee at Sweet Repeat:

The plan is to have a volunteer sign up at website above. However, three weeks isn’t much time to put this together; so, please e-mail me if you want to ref.

Thanks in advance,

I went to register team #1213 for Sweet Repeat and found it to be a rather low-tech process. Download PDF form - print it out - fill it out - and mail it along with payment.

Given that it’s scheduled for three weeks from Saturday, I’d recommend that you register ASAP. Otherwise, it may not happen due to an apparent lack of interest.

With that in mind, how about a roll-call here on ChiefDelphi? I’ll start:

TARDEC-Groves #1213 is in!

Where can I find a list of registered teams?

www.teamfordfirst.org will be continually updated with teams who have registered or have indicated they will register for Sweet Repeat VI.

Teams planning to register should send an email to: [email protected]. Please include team number, team nickname, school(s), and main contact’s name, phone number (day and night) and email address.

Team 45 is planning to attend and register soon.

Who else is going to FSR this year? It’s only a few weeks away!

I went to Ford Sweet Repeat a couple of years ago and it was a really great event. I’m planning on going this year and reffing, so I want to see a bunch of teams there! :]

Off-season events like this in the fall can really help energize your team, especially freshmen who have never been to a competition before. Take 'em and make them catch the bug!

Teams 33, 397, and 494 told me today the their check is in the mail.

Team list has been posted HERE

Volunteer sign-up posted HERE

Somebody sign up to DJ here, PLEASE? I’m gonna be reffing and don’t care for their selection of Polka & Old time Rock and Roll all day. Totally un-GP to make us sit through that last year:p. It was so bad that I had to stage a coup to overthrow it and set my playlist up as the new DJing power.

I’ll help you with music selection if you need it, just PLEASE someone with ACTUAL MUSICAL TASTE come DJ Sweet Repeat.

::End Rant of Day::

Could you get a local radio station to be at it?

If I could, I would but I have work until 3:00 on saturdays…


I’ll be reffing so I can’t, but, like Dan, I’ll help whoever volunteers with the music selection.

I’m 99% sure that 226 can attend. We just have to be sure we can find a teacher to go before we register.

Is there any team that would be able to lend us batteries and chargers for the day? We only had two chargers to begin with, and one didn’t come home from Kettering Kickoff, leaving us with only one charger, and two batteries that haven’t worked very well since the beginning. The constant dying of the battery out on the field is getting to be a source of frustration.


There were two battery chargers among the things left by teams at Kettering.
One with number 279 written on it - the other had number 1504. Strange thing is that #1504 didn’t bring anything - they used #217’s backup robot and equipment. It could be that someone on 279 accidentaly packed the 226 charger instead of their own. I’ll check into that as soon as I find a point of contact for 279.

List of things found at Kettering.

Team 503 will be attending the Ford Sweet Repeat:-)

Team 1549 will be attending with a skeleton crew

I didn’t want to start a new thread, so I’m posting in here.

The RCU is probably going to be having a display table again. We’ve had the board up along with pamphlets and giveaways at some events, but we’d really like to have someone who could speak firsthand about the group and its mission. Even if you’re new to the RCU, we could really use your help.

If you’re able to talk to potential members at this table, please contact me.

Thanks :slight_smile:


It is with great regret I need to inform you that The 6th Annual Sweet
Repeat scheduled for this Saturday, October 8, 2005 is**canceled.
I’d like to apologize for the short notice & inconvenience this will
cause you and the disappointment your students will experience.

Registration fees will be returned this week to the return address of
the sender.

Thank you for your understanding.

Joseph Turckes
Team Ford FIRST
Voice/Fax: +1.313.33.79678