Sweet sweet sleep

We shipped our bot earlier this morning thank goodness

I’m in physics class right now, and Scooter (teammate) sits two seats away from me and he is nodding off right now - I also think he is talking to himself in his sleep :slight_smile:

hopefully I can make it through all of my classes today :slight_smile: I know he won’t

anyone else feel the same way?

i already hit up the nurses station during a class today and took a nap for an hour…having a really bad cold during the last week of build season is NOT FUN!

It’s february break here in Ithaca :slight_smile: I slept at 2am but still woke up without an alarm at 10:30am for some reason. However, I’m rested and this season was very nice… no late nights.

ZZzzzzzzzzzzzz Hu What??zzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Heh, I am still catching up from the noon to 7 am build I pulled on Monday/Tuesday :ahh:

Yes…Guilty as charged…but the nap was good. :slight_smile: I think that this is the most sleep deprived that I have been in a long time…6 day roboics weeks. Thank god it is shipped. I am looking forward to competition.

Bill B.

Ugh, between being here and doing homework late at night/early in the morning, I haven’t gotten to bed before 3 a.m. since last Friday! Oh well. We don’t have school tomorrow, so I think I’ll be spending the day sleeping.

Gotta get back to work! This thing gets crated in 1 1/2 hours!

  • Katie

I can say that with 5 and a half hours of sleep, I’m not too alive right now. (I’m currently in my weekly seminar on engineering… we’re doing some pretty uninteresting stuff on elasticity right now.) It’s study hall, and I really should be sleeping but I can’t fall asleep. The freshmen in here are too loud, blabbering about how funny this or that would be. (Taking some type of a crane with a claw and pulling out a wing of the school at a time? That’s so tame… I’d much rather implode it using some explosives.)

I think when I get home tonight, I’ll be sleeping for a good amount of time. (I feel nine hours coming on tonight… mmm… sweet sweet sleep.)

We’ll all find the rest we need over the next few weeks, hopefully.

However, I’m waiting for withdrawal to set in. That’ll be interesting. A month and seven days til I get to see our sweet little creation again. sigh

uuuugggahhhhh. snork. yyyyzzzztt. hhhuuh?

Random thoughts:

86 hours over the last five days, working in the UNHEATED garage during the Atlantic blizzard. 22 degrees F. Somebody gimme a torch, I need to braze something just to stay warm. Found out that blizzards are great for focusing your attention on the job at hand, when you can’t get out and go home even if you want to. Five students sleeping on my floor, several in desperate need of a shower. For three days, all we saw of Matt was the back of his head hunched over the milling machine. I’m getting way too old for this, I need a nap.


Ahhh sweet sleep maybe I’ll be able to get some now that our animation is shipped. Ahhh to be able to close my eyes and not see the blaring screen of a computer will be nice again. As for sleep today hopefully not during my lectures, those are the worste to get through with over 100 people you start to wonder if your teacher will even notice, and then they call on you, so i better keep my eyes open for today:)


We had Friday thru tuesday off.

Originally that was perfect.
We crated Wed night for Thursday pick up.

I was 1 hour late for my first class.

And I’m the TEACHER!!!

TGIS (Thank Gods it’s Shipped)

I hope we all enjoyed this one. I know I did

I like sleep!!! hehe but we have been working on the robot no stop since last thursday and some nights got really long due to the snow…9am to 4am…eeekkk and to be back at 8am…long long times at the machine shop…and then we havent had school since last friday (thats nice) GO SLEEP GO!!!

What is this sleep you refer too? I’ve never heard of it, sounds like something i should be doing now…

Ah, yes, sleep. After the hours we pulled the last week and a half to get the bot moving, we’ve all earned a break (I’m sure this also applies to every team out there). I have been a walking zombie. So bad that I set my alarm for 6PM instead of 6AM. Too bad I still had to go to school:( . Well, I can’t wait till I go into robot withdrawal in two weeks…

sleep…whats that?

passes out and starts to snore loudly

less than a month till our 1st 2003 competition…then 3 comps inside a month (GLR, CR and Nats). yay!

sleep is something i have always wanted to do
since robotics even started, i got hardly any sleep
even know now robitics ended i most likely wont sleep for another week or two
soo i am going to try to get 4 hours insted of 3 tonight

:o ( yawn)

man, i gotta catch up on like 6 weeks of homework before i pass out and die.

Hrm… Sleep… such a concept. Never really heard of it. I definitely know that I’ve never had any such thing even before robotics started. sighs Time to go and rejuvinate myself with caffine.

Almost every kid on our team (with the exception of two lucky ones) was sick with bronchitis right around the third and fourth week. Our school sponsor has had lung problems since about that time (presumably sick from our students), and even I had pneumonia.

What a season! whew After all those days when we were slaving away at our robot and hacking up a lung, I think all of us are grateful to get some sleep!

I think I am going to need 6 weeks of sleep rebound… These past 6 weeks have been insane! Throughout them I have been falling asleep in class like crazy!! Im just happy that the bot is done, no more stress and endless late nights! Yet at the same time, I love it! I just can’t wait till we compete!