:stuck_out_tongue: Hey guys, Im maggie! haha


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What is with you and cookies? hahah

HI Maggie, I’m Wetzel!

Wasup? I’m Adam

Hello Maggie!

I’m cookie as you can tell I just love cookies. Cookies are the best thing in life. If there were no cookies in the world i would just have to kill myself.

So neways just saying hi!

Don’t mind the cookie.

What do you mean my that.

When is everyone arriving in florida??

My friend Tara says hi

Hi Tara:D

Maybe not for a long time, I hope we’ll be arriving Wednesday night or Thurdsay morning.

Cookies, what a funny name. Sounds like the name of a cartoon girl on Johny Bravo or something. No offense of course.

Drivers and Pit Crew will be arriving on Wednesday night…
The full team will arrive on Thursday morning/afternoon…All of us will be staying at All Star Music and we will most likely be leaving monday morning…

BRian Team 56

Cookies are greatness. Hi, I go by Marc (with a C cause I think my grandparents are french canadian or something). Anyway, just saying HI cause this seems like the thread to do it in :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Marc!:slight_smile:

Hey, Yeah I go by many names so you can just pick one that people use and use it or make one up. Now I’ll venture a guess that you were asking when everyone will be arriving at Epcot for Nationals as opposed to just anywhere in Florida, I’m already in Florida now so I am just being a pain… Anyway, team 86 will have drivers and adults there on Wednesday and everyone else comes down early Thrursday morning.

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** Hey, Yeah I go by many names so you can just pick one that people use and use it or make one up.
<cut> **

I shall call you…the Bucketeer.

Im Halo or Dave whatever

I sometimes introduce myself to new people as Halo by accident. In the real world that is.

I realy dont care what people call me either, I proboby should have just put all of this into one post huh.