Swerve CAD Release

This is the swerve drive I have been working on with all my new found free time. Posting now so it can be used in the upcoming CADathon. This module heavily draws inspiration from the 2471 Hermes swerve module, the SDS MK2 Module, the CMS swerve module, and 33’s summer swerve.

Swerve Assembly.zip (17.9 MB)


Credit 33


I like it! Two quick thoughts:

  • how are you planning to keep the bevel gear and the vertical drive shaft from riding upwards?
  • Would a tube axle work instead of a shoulder screw? That would keep you from having to fish in tiny spacers (the spacers could be glued to the tube axle, or use snap rings)
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Our team doesn’t have great lathe capabilities so it is easier for us to 3D print spacers and use a shoulder bolt.

I flipped the bearing at the top and added a spacer between the bearing and the bevel gear. That should keep it from riding up, thanks for pointing that out.

Here’s an updated version of the CAD Swerve Assembly.zip (17.9 MB)

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No problem. That will keep the gear in place, but you’ll need something else to keep the shaft down with it. You’ll either need

  • a snap ring below the upper bearing, below the bevel gear or below the small bearing
  • a pin through the bevel gear and shaft
  • Move the upper bearing above the gear and hold it down with an extension to the upper 3D printed part.

(can you tell I’ve spent a few hours looking at the same issue?)

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My favorite way to keep the shaft in place is to have the shaft be hex below the bearing and ThunderHex through and above the bearing. If you use a ThunderHex bearing, the shaft is captured by the step from hex to ThunderHex. This is what the SDS modules do.



This is also what I always do as well. Easy solution that works well. I often do this on gearbox shafts too when I want the shaft to always be retained in the gearbox.

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The SDS solution has worked well for us.

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A clamping shaft collar above the small bevel gear would probably work too if that were easier (in place of our in addition to spacers). I generally don’t like collars for anything critical, but there wouldn’t be much upward force on the shaft itself (just on the gear) so it probably wouldn’t slip.

jumpin into the convo a bit late but might i say that this is probably the most beautiful yet simple swerve module I’ve seen yet.

I’m trying to show my team what a swerve drive is, would you mind if i used your model to show them?

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Yes you can definitely show this to your team!

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Thank you! Gotta get the creative cogs turning in their heads for 2021 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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