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My team is planning on starting work on a swerve drive during this off season. We are planning on using MK4i, and it seems to me like there are a few options for code. Should we use the wpilib stuff for swerve, the sds swervelib, or is there something else that I haven’t even seen before?

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Best swerve template currently available: GitHub - Team364/BaseFalconSwerve

As for some more elaboration - WPILib swerve math is the standard as you would expect. Everything uses their kinematics at the core.
SDS’s standard software offering was released once last year, and then… abandoned. There’s a few known bugs that were never addressed. The template was marked abandoned officially, the library hasn’t been marked yet. Great products, just not a great standard software library.

If you plan on using Neos, you can adapt the BaseFalconSwerve without too much trouble, it’s the same structure with different motor calls.

If you use Java I’ve heard really good things about Yet Another Generic Swerve Library (YAGSL) Beta

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this is not the best ( solely for the fact is assumes you have falcons ) .

If you want a hardware agnostic one I would recommend taking a shot at YAGSL ( specifically the YAGSL-Example project with some basic configuration you can be up and running. A positive is the folks who write it are extremely helpfull when it comes to feedback and advice on running it.

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