Swerve Drive Autonomous Timed Robot

We are a Java team that has been using the Timed Robot template and West Coast drive. We want to change our 2022 robot over to swerve drive for this summer, hopefully to compete later. We are purchasing an SDS swerve kit.

My research has led me to some excellent resources, but nearly all of them use Command-Based programming. I think I can figure out teleop, but we want to be able to use trajectory planning in autonomous, and I’m not seeing examples of that in Timed Robot. What is worse is that that SwerveControllerCommand seems to require Command-Based template. I do see the advantages of command-based programming, but it’s too much work to do that and swerve this year, and the team really wants swerve.

Can anyone please point to some autonomous examples or other resources in Timed Robot that would help us get trajectory following working in autonomous?

Thanks in advance.


Take the off season to embrace command based programming. You won’t regret it and you will wonder how you ever got by on times based.

Sorry I know that isn’t the question you asked but taking some time to learn a new paradigm can’t hurt.


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