Swerve Drive Characterization

Hey, our team has been trying to determine the variables kS and kV for feedforward on our Swerve drive. Our code is incompatible with WPI 2022 so we are using the frc-characterization tool instead of sysid. We tried to obtain these variables with sysid originally but we didn’t receive accurate results from the tests as both the steer motors and drive motors were activated. Is there a way to use the frc-characterization tool to only find kS and kV for the drive motors of a swerve drivetrain?


There’s a lot here…

I’m nervous hearing that your program isn’t compatible with 2022 wpilib. Can you outline what went wrong?

The sysid program won’t drive a motor that you didn’t employ in your configuration.

Even if the steer motors aren’t commanded to do anything, wouldn’t they still need to be constantly locked in position to 0 degrees while characterizing for a swerve drive? The issue I am having is the fact that sysID doesn’t allow you to customize the code that is deployed to the robot. I would like to characterize the drive motors while keeping the steering motors locked in position, but am not sure about how to set this up with sysID. Did you end up using the old characterization tool to characterize your drive motors?

We just stuck blocks of wood between the frame and the outer perimeter, to lock the steering motors.

like this.

Thank you!

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