Swerve drive chassis designs

Hi. Im from team 6914. We are looking into developing our first swerve drivetrain this spring with swerve modules bought from one of our neighboring teams. Never designed or built a chassis for swerve so curious if there are any chassis models available for cutting and machining ourselves or off the shelf. Would be greatly appreciated.

What modules will your team be using? For all the modern COTS modules it’s very simple. Cut 4 of any 1 inch hole patterned 1x2 tube to the desired length and bolt all the pods on, then strap a control system and battery mount to it. It’s honestly the simplest drivetrain type to assemble and service from a purely mechanical perspective.

As far as I know the ones we are getting are the REV modules. Not sure on version though. But as I understand it swerve chassis are custom built?


Yes, technically they are custom built, but it can be done in an hour or two with no more than a hacksaw. For a reasonable size chassis say 28x28 in, buy two sticks of either rev ion thick wall 1x2 tubing or the vex versa frame thick wall 1x2 tubing. For 28x28 drivetrain you need to subtract the width of the modules from the cut length I think it’s something like 3in on each side. Then you cut the tubes to length and bolt it together using the built in mounting holes in the module.

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