Swerve Drive Electronics

Does anyone know how the electronics for swerve drive work.

Do you plug in the 8 motors to the big ports on the Pdp or the small ports?

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It depends on whether you need 40A or if 30A is sufficient for the power you require. I have seen several teams which use 40A breakers for the drive motors and 30A breakers for steering.


Oh ok thank you

Generally, the drive motors would be plugged into the 40A breakers. The steering motors can generally be plugged into the 30A breakers. Many swerve modules use full size motors (NEOs, Falcon, etc) for steering, but that is generally overkill in terms of power needed for steering. We are steering with NEO 550s this year and it is working great. Previously, we have used brushed 550 class motors for steering (RS 550 and AM-9015s) which have provided plenty of steering power. But of course, a lot depends on your steering gear ratio.

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