Swerve Drive Help

Hi, we used MK4 modules in our robot this season first time and we have some issues about swerve.

In Gear, 32DP, 15T, 8mm Bore – Swerve Drive Specialties this gear we had some isuses. We already know this gear haven’t include machine key spot, you just put gear on the motor shaft but our gear is not turning accuretly.

What we can do in this position?

As recommended in the assembly guide, we suggest using Loctite 609 retaining compound to bond the pinion gear to the motor shaft, which is a proven method for attaching slip-fit pinion gears to motor shafts. Please be careful to not get any retaining compound in the motor’s bearing.


Thanks for your reply.

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Do you have another option for Loctite 609?

loctite 680. You need a retaining compound there are a few variations but its a very specific product that you will need to special order if you can’t find it locally


638 and 648 would also work well.


Our team didn’t have the right type of Loctite on hand this year, so we actually sanded down keys for motor shafts at an angle and wedged them between the Neo shafts & steering pinions. Afterwards, we kept them in using retaining rings. Had no problems all season.