Swerve drive jittering

For some reason, every once in a while, our swerve drive just jitters when we try to move. We are afraid that it would damage the swerve modules and would like some help.

We’re going to need a little more informations to help you. Do you have a link to the source code? A video of the jittering?

To help yourself, try to log everything, and compare those logs with what you think should be happening. Does it happen in both tele and auto? Does it happen on blocks?

I have heard of cases where a swerve drive jitters when the speed is very low because there’s more noise in deciding which way to turn.

We’ve had similar issues with our rotation motor before and it was due to poor PID tuning. Try expanding the setpoint tolerance. If this works you’re probably going to want to try fixing the PID rather than leaving the larger Tolerance.

Are you using CAN Sparks or Talons? For CAN Sparks, we had an issue where if we didn’t properly set the Smart Current Limit, the robot would start to jitter.

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