Swerve drive modules

When our team was researching swerve, we came across some swerve modules produced by swerve drive specialties that ran off of two NEO motors. Wouldn’t this hit your high-draw motor limit requiring you to power the rest of your robot through the use of only pneumatics and 4 low-draw motors?

My team ran the SDS MK2 modules with two NEOs this season, we just ran the steering NEO for each module on a 30 amp breaker instead of using up all the 40 amp slots.


First off, you have 16 PDP slots, not 12. So you can have 8 “low draw” motors, not 4. Technically, you can have even more than that if you pair certain motors off the same speed controller.

But more importantly, you don’t have to put NEOs on 40A breaker slots. As @Josh_Fox indicated, you can place them on a smaller breaker if you never expect them to draw high current.

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Oh thank you both so much. I’m kind of new to this so I’m shaky on a lot of the details. So does this mean that along with the 8 40 amp slots there are 8 30 amp slots or is it some combination of 30 amp 20 amp and 10 amp? Again thank you for all the help.

There are 8 slots that can use 40A breakers, and 8 slots that can use any breakers of 30A or less.

Ok thank you, this really cleared things up.