Swerve drive novice looking for wiring and programming help with Andymark product


Where can we find a wiring diagram for andymark swerve drives?

Can we run CIM from Spark Motor Controllers and PG571 with Talon SRX or do we need t stay with one brand?

Additionally looking for programming resources


I don’t mean to be demeaning, but if you’re asking these kind of questions during the build season then you’re probably not ready for swerve drive. Building a working swerve drive takes a ton of mechanical, electrical, and programming resources and knowledge. Even using the AndyMark modules it’s far from plug-and-play. It’s recommended for everyone to have a working version in the off-season before considering using it for competition.

If you’re still trying to answer these fairly basic questions, you have a long road ahead of you until you have a functioning swerve drive. The drivetrain is the most important part of the robot, and if it doesn’t work then none of the robot will. Even if you do manage to get it working, the resources it will take away from your scoring mechanisms likely means you won’t be able to effectively manipulate the game pieces, which is what really gets you points. You’d almost certainly be more competitive using a KoP chassis or WCD this season and coming back to swerve in the offseason when you have more time and less pressure.

That being said, if you choose to ignore this advice then here are the answers to your questions:
• There is likely no wiring diagram for the AM swerve modules because they assume that teams using them should know how to wire the two motors and encoders.
• Yes, you can use a Spark to control the drive motor and a Talon SRX to control the rotation motor.
• If you’re looking for basic programming resources, the WPILib documentation is probably a good place to start


team 2910, has been working on their swerve for 4 (?) years now and only just started using it last year. you HAVE to develop and test swerve before the build season, I hate seeing teams not be able to play because their drive system doesnt work


This is our team’s GitHub from last year:

We have been using swerve for the past three seasons and it’s definitely been a journey. If you need any additional help just contact me and I’ll see what I can do.

Good luck!