Swerve Drive Programming issue

We are making our first swerve drive and we have a small problem, the imported libraries in our drivebase file are not resolved because we don’t have the .json files in the vendordeps.
We know how to use Mange Vendor Libraries for Falcon motors but we can’t find the location of the json file for Swerve Drive Specialties.
So my question is how do I set up the .json files for the imports. Some examples of the imports include com.swervedrivespecialties and edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.geometry

We are using the MK4 module from Swerve Drive Specialties and the sample project that they provide.
Any help would be great thanks

Where did you get the code that you’re using? Was it copied out of the ExampleSwerve project from SDS or somewhere else?

If you’re referring to their swerve-lib library, you can find that json file here: https://github.com/SwerveDriveSpecialties/swerve-lib/blob/develop/SdsSwerveLib.json

One thing that worked well for us was to download this folder which is the SDSLib, and just place it in the folder of your project. Heres the topic I got the file from. May have some useful info or something. Anyway hope you are able to get it working.

Yes we are using the swerve template code from Github and we have got .swervedrivespecialties working thanks to your help but we aren’t sure where the geometry and kinematics .json files are for the drivetrain subsystems

Can you clarify what you mean by this?

Kinematics and geometry classes are in wpimath which should already be in your project and does not have a vendor dep json

Do you have your code on a github repo that you could link?