Swerve Drive Question

My team got some MK3 swerve modules from another team and we are wondering what type of grease to use for the gears. We are thinking we need red grease but is white lithium grease fine?

I would check out this thread

I believe our team ended up using one of those Mobile grease and applied with syringes to keep things from getting messy. Worked great all season!

Fwiw the red’n’tacky from AM uses a lithium thickener. So does the Mobil EP1 we recommend and use.

Getting a grease designed for use in open gears is the key.

We use Lucas red and tacky, applied with syringes and it works great for us. We looked at spray on white lithium grease but found it to be too thin and ended up being messy too. It was the “thick” version too.