Swerve drive self-test

Alot of teams have issues with swerve drive and it can be hard to tell the difference between a programming failure and a mechanical failure. Is there any examples of self-tests for swerve in FRC out there already?

If there isn’t but you know of one please post bellow too!

I would like to add anything mentioned to YAGSL as well.

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It’s C++, but we have a very extensive (and helpful) Test Mode as part of our swerve code. Note this code needs a major cleanup pass – it’s been a very hectic season this year.

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It’s actually pretty good compared to other codebases I have seen. I like your train of thought for it. Seems a little too hands on for me though.

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By self test are you refering to passive or active diagnostics?

Active, but some way to ensure hardware is good programmatically is also useful.

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