Swerve drive simulator

This swerve drive simulator was developed by Zach of FRC Team 3218. We had multiple reasons for developing it. First, it was just a good programming exercise for one of our 9th grade students. Second, with the limited availability of Falcon 500’s, we are waiting to build our 1st swerve drive. Lastly, this is meant to be the 1st step in the driver selection process. Hopefully, helping us to gauge who understands the Swerve drive’s unique capabilities as it relates to FIRST.
We chose to keep the game simple and the shapes basic. We have included a searchable leaderboard so other FIRST teams can use this, to help narrow down our driver prospects, as well as give the kids a way to ‘practice’ outside of practice.
All things considered, I think it came out well and was a good learning activity for the kids involved. Feel free to give it a try. And let us know what you think.


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