Swerve Drive Specialties contact info? Anyone?

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I am with team 6965. We ordered a set of the swerve drives a month or so back. We now need to cancel the order. It have sent messages through the Swerve Drive Specialty contact form at least 3 times now over the past two weeks with no reply.

I am getting somewhat worried that we will eventually receive the swerve drive kits that we are trying to cancel, and then will have to try to find a way to return them, which looks like it will be difficult because we cannot find a way to contact them.

Finally, it seems like if we cannot get through to them to cancel the order, someone is going to have to eat the shipping costs back and forth.

Their ordering system worked quite easily.

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I think the good news if you do get them and you didn’t want them it will likely be easy to sell them to a team that doesn’t want to wait 2 months.


I agree with chadr03: your team will be the hero and you won’t lose any money in the long term, if you aren’t able to cancel.

I think something that hasn’t been established in either thread is that there are other manufactures that will happily sell swerve modules to you. SDS is just one company and as far as I can tell is understaffed for the volume of orders they receive. You pay for what you get at SDS, high quality swerve modules that take time to manufacture. I’ll take quality over speed of order any day of the week.

send Patrick a dm on discord or ping him in the main frc discord.


Realistically the only other option is swerve x - I’m disregarding s&s for obvious reasons.

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I’m very sorry for the delayed response. Your order has been canceled.


Hi Patrick

Sent you an email at the swerve website but I need to get ahold of you soon for an order question [email protected]


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