Swerve Drive Specialties Mk3 - Module not going back square

System: SDS Mk3
Chassis: 30"x30" Vex 1x2. Battery is placed centrally in the back of the chassis
Motors: Neo, Spark Max Motor Controllers
Encoder: CTR Mag Encoder, Plugged into Spark Max MC that is spinning the wheel, not driving it.
Alternate Encoder Mode Set
Alignment method: Robot off, align all modules so that ring gear faces out.

Issue: When moving forward robot pulls slightly to the left, when backward slightly right
When moving left or right (9 or 3 o’clock) chassis turns slightly counter clockwise

Swerve Modules: After moving, back right is not aligned straight, sometimes back left as well.
Encoder output: Show 0 or +/- 0.0001345

This can be replicated on the ground or with the chassis raised with wheels not touching the ground.

Has anyone else run into this?

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