Swerve Drive Specialties Production Week, 2019 - 2020

This past Saturday marked the start of Swerve Drive Specialties marathon week of production. Our goal is to build up inventory prior to kickoff and find out how many MK2 swerve modules and accessories we can make in 7 days. We plan to run the mill a minimum of 12 hours per day.

We will be posting periodic updates in this thread throughout the week. Please feel free to ask questions.

The Team:

  • Patrick
    • Roles: Machine Operator, Inspection, Shipping, etc…
    • FRC Affiliation: 2910 Lead Mentor
  • Rob
    • Roles: Machine Operator, Parts Washing
    • FRC Affiliation: Patrick’s Dad
  • Tim @Plugh
    • Roles: Machine Operator, Parts Washing, Parts Packing
    • FRC Affiliation: 2910 Director of Engineering, 2910 Driver
  • Ryan @rskywolf
    • Roles: Machine Operator, Parts Washing, Parts Packing
    • FRC Affiliation: 2910 Asst. Director of Engineering, 2910 Operator

The Machine:

End of Day 2 Update:



shhh…!! Belay that clatter!

Do ye wan’ th’ wee mill t’ gae an strike?


I dream of the day I own a machine like that


Some people dream of having fancy sports cars in their garage. We dream of vertical machining centers.


Very hot

Does this mean more machining videos on the YouTube channel?


End of Day 4 Update:


Day 5 Update:


End of day 7 Update:

The week went very well. In just 7 days we managed to machine enough parts for over 150 MK2 Swerve modules. If there is demand, production will continue into next week as well. The Speedio with Pierson Workholding pallet system is a killer combination. A huge thanks to Ryan, Tim, and my dad. I’m really proud of what we accomplished in the past 7 days. Below are some pictures of parts produced this week.

Please let it be a swerve friendly game, Please let it be a swerve friendly game…


I hope it is a swerve friendly game because they are fun to watch, but we will see in 7 hours why the field drawings are twice as long and why there is so much lumber… (Many different obstacles like 2016?) All I know is that I need to know what the iron pipe is for!

These parts are beautiful as always. Wish we had the time and money to make it worthwhile to pick a few up.

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Nice to see all the attention to post-processing, but I’m just gonna touch the shiny things with my Cheeto-dust covered fingers anyway.


Knowing what it takes to run CNC mill production like that, that’s a heck of a week. Nice work!


Please answer to your contact us email.

@yarden.saa sorry for the late reply. Super busy. I’ll be answering all my remaining emails tomorrow morning.

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Any idea when the bevel gears might be back in stock? I understand that Corona virus is probably making it hard to produce parts. Thanks!

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Shoot I didn’t see that. Thanks for the help!


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