Swerve Drive Survey


Hey everyone,
We’re doing an engineering class project to redesign and produce a low-end swerve drive and a high-end swerve to sell online to FRC teams. If you could fill out this survey and help us gauge what people would like in a drive, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!


Filled it out, but you missed the opportunity to call it a “swervey” :wink:


This is creative! any idea for a projected design timeline?


These seem like very low prices for swerve modules, and as somebody who spends a lot of time on the swerve problem, I’m skeptical you can really make good modules for this much without sacrificing weight or reliability. I’d really want to see the design before making a definitive statement about whether or not I’d buy, but in general, I’d consider $400 for a fully functional module to be a good deal.


Pre-assembled is an interesting ‘feature’. Most teams would (should) have the ability to assemble from a kit which would allow them to select which motor option they want, what gear ratio they want, etc. I expect that for the high end option at least, you would want to provide the flexibility and lower production costs of a kit.

A couple of other features that you may want to try to integrate into your design would be:

  1. compatible with versa frame (i.e. the mounting bolt pattern matches the versaframe spacing). [both the low end and the high end design]

  2. different wheel options. [primarily for the high end design]

  3. low versus tall configurations. [primarily for the high end design]

  4. drive motor encoders. [at least as an option]

I can’t wait to see the design you guys come up with.


It does mean you can have entire spare modules that would not count towards your withholding allowance though, correct?


Correct, COTS components do not count towards withholding (for prior years’ rules).