Swerve Drive Thrust Bearings

From most swerve drives I’ve seen, most people use X-contact bearings for supporting their modules. These are kind of expensive, and so I was looking into possibly supporting my module with 2 hex bearings and then one needle roller bearing between the module and the mounting plate to support the thrust loads. This seems like a much cheaper solution. Has anyone tried this before or have any opinions on this?

We get our x contact bearings from thrifty bot for $35, I’d highly recommend you do that.

You can get a swerve bearing from ThriftyBot for $34 each right now.

What you proposed may be a bit cheaper, but is definitely an interior solution, and doesn’t really save a ton of money either. As this is one of the most critical parts of a module, it’s not worth skimping on $25 per module imo.

Thank you for the fast reply! I didn’t realize that ThriftyBot sold them for so little. I will definitely look into getting some.

Alternately, check out our (2767’s) Third Coast Drive (look for the annually updated white paper here on CD), which uses an integral thrust bushing rather than a bearing. It’s NEVER been an issue for us. Cheap (basically free), easy, done.

Will do!

I’ve used https://www.mcmaster.com/6338k597 before. 10ish bucks a module isn’t bad.

Zero issues whatsoever encountered with a bushing.

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