Swerve Drive w/ Venom Motors

With motor availability lacking, our team is looking to test a swerve drive system with Venom motors that we purchased from Playing with Fusion last year. Has anyone used these motors in a swerve drive? Our team is brand new to swerve drive, so we would need any help you can provide. Thanks in advance!

Team 1208

This thread (and the team associated with it) may be of interest:


I have no ideas about using Venom motors, but NEOs should be back in stock soon.


You can ask your questions directly on this thread and we can help you.

You can run definitely swerve with brushed motors. Before the NEOs were introduced (way back in 2018) all swerve drives were using brushed motors.

If the purpose of the testing is just to get something driving, then I would say go for it. The control system will be a little different. I would think that the built in encoder on the venom motor will be sufficient for closed loop control on both the steering and speed. You can always opt for using the absolute encoder for steering and put something like a miniCIM on the steering motor if you want as well. It all depends on what you plan to get out of this test.

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The CIM motor has a slightly wider diameter than NEOs/Falcons, so I would check that it fits in CAD with your chosen module prior to purchasing. Otherwise there shouldn’t be a reason that CIMs/Venoms wouldn’t work as drive or steering motors.


Based on the specs of the Venom, it should be pretty straightforward. That’s a sweet motor, just old tech.

I also bought some as a backup plan last year when we had -zero- motors :wink:
Then Rev made us happy campers!