Swerve Drive WCP Serve-X with Falcon Drive and Neo550 Turning


We are contemplating a swerve drive configuration for next year, perhaps based on the WCP Swerve-X. The configurations shown are all with two Falcon motors but they do say that a NEO550 could be used (I assume for steering, of course.

I’ve not seen this configuration on their web site though they do mention this.

Curious whether other team(s) might have experience with Swerve-X with Falcon and Neo550 motors…

Advice? Suggestions?

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We’ve used Swerve X modules the last two years, but only in the two Falcon configuration. Honestly, the modules are really set up for that and running anything else will be more difficult. Also, using the Neo550 means you’re having to find a spot to put the SparkMax (which means on top of or outside of the module) and you’re dealing with two different motor controllers and their ecosystems to operate your swerve.

That said, the modules themselves are extremely good and highly reliable. We’ll be using them again next year, especially now that they have the corner-mount inverted modules. The option to use an all-gear drive is very nice too.

We’ve used Swerve X Flipped Tube Mount this year with a Falcon and a MiniCIM motor for each module. We already had the TalonSRX controllers and CTRE Mag encoders to interface directly into the motor controllers for doing the steering, so it has worked out well for us so far. Not exactly the configuration you were asking about though, but having two Falcons per module is not necessary.