Swerve drive

I’m Gal from team 4590 GreenBlitz from Israel, during the world championship in Detroit we saw a lot of teams using swerve drive system.
teams who 3D printed their main wheel input part like team 16 can tell me which material are you using? how they print it?
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16 3D printed their entire swerve module with Onyx (a type of nylon), i believe they used carbon fiber strands. Printing with Onyx requires a Markforged printer which is fairly expensive though, and you definitely don’t need it for swerve- 2910 and 1323 make their swerve entirely with CNC without 3D printing

Our swerve drive is made from flat pattern waterjet cut parts. We only need a couple of relatively easy lathe operations on a couple of plates and shafts, but no other machining operations.

You can see our design here.

We printed our 2018 competition swerve with SLS Nylon that we ordered from Shapeways.com.

We are currently printing our 2019 off-season swerve module with our Markforged Onyx One.


My team used a Markforged with the Onix filament, we also used the contusions strands of carbon that you can put in your prints with our Markforged in a couple of the prints

From what I read, most teams that print their swerve drive use the Onyx filament on a Markforged printer. To our disappointment, I’m pretty sure (90%) that their printers are not available in Israel in general and more specifically their site says that their sponsorship is only for US/Canadian teams (I looked into it earlier this year for us)

Although I guess that NylonX from MatterHackers would give a similar function to the Onyx (perhaps not the same but similar)

@benjierex is correct, we used Onyx and a few carbon fiber filaments in the large top plate.

Curious, how much of a discount does Markforged offer for FRC teams with the sponsorship?

edit: nevermind, found the answer in this thread:

I know 33’s 2018 swerve were 3D printed parts ordered from Shapeways out of SLSed Nylon. That might be an option for you, albeit a bit pricier one.

Can confirm this (although it was 2018 not 2017). And honestly considering the design flexibility it allowed and the lightness of the design, we found it to be a great value. Of course proceeding to buy our own printer after that season and “cut out the middle man” makes a printed design an even higher value.

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